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HerSwab is a self-collected vaginal swab (SCVS) and optional mailer box that enables people* with a vagina/cervix to collect their own samples for molecular diagnostics testing. The device was specially designed to easily and reliably collect consistent samples from near the cervix area. HerSwab has been used in research studies focusing on Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

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Eve Kit

The Eve Kit Service is an at-home HPV and STI screening service for people* with a vagina/cervix. A self-sampling kit can be ordered online and shipped to any location within Canada. Samples collected using the HerSwab device are shipped back and processed at an accredited lab. Licensed physicians are available to follow up on positive results.

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Eve Medical is a for-profit social enterprise focused on designing innovative, user-centered medical products aimed at the specific healthcare needs of women*.

Our mission is to develop well designed medical products that make it easier for women, and their healthcare providers, to take care of their health. We believe that a deeper understanding of patient needs can provide simple and effective solutions that improve health outcomes.

Our goal is to reduce the barriers that prevent women from screening. We believe physical and emotional access to convenient testing will significantly increase screening rates. By engaging women in their own health, and by creating meaningful partnerships with healthcare providers, we aim to make screening better.

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